To achieve anything, you must first have a vision. The more specific the vision, the easier it is to achieve your desired results. In order for the athlete to achieve peak performance, he/she must have a detailed diagram that consists of all of the components that make up his or her optimal performance.


Infusion Athletic Training creates customized programs to help athletes establish performance goals, and then designs specific training regimens to help turn the athlete’s vision into reality.

The combination of body, mind and spirit training are the ingredients needed to produce the “Holistic Athlete”.


Having the body, mind and spirit combined is important so that all aspects of the athlete’s performance are in alignment. It’s just as important to be physically disciplined as mentally disciplined. You’ve heard of the term “being in the zone”. When athletes perform in ”the zone”, they’re performing outside of their bodies, in a state of mind-body flow..
      — Jim Fox



Physical Training

    •    Cardiovascular
    •    Strength Training
    •    Stretching
    •    Speed Work
    •    Conditioning
    •    Plyometrics
    •    Medicine Ball Training
    •    Nutritional Counseling
    •    Eye/Hand Coordination Drills
    •    Games
    •    Cross Training
    •    Outdoor Activities
    •    Sports Specific Training
    •    Massage Therapy
    •    Balance Training
    •    Performance Testing
    •    Alignment Therapy


Mental/Spiritual Training

    •    Video Analysis
    •    Visualization Techniques
    •    Yoga
    •    Meditation
    •    Moving Meditation
    •    Breathing Techniques
    •    Progressive Relaxation
    •    Journaling/Dream Journaling