Holistic Training to Avoid Sports Burnout

Part of the philosophy of the Infusion Athletic Training Summer Mountain Training Camp is to take a break from your sport and involve yourself in different activities which will help in your conditioning, team building, cooperation, and skill acquisition.  The aforementioned is defined as cross training and is an excellent way to avoid sport burnout, overuse injuries and muscle imbalances. 

Some of the activities that will be used at this Summer’s camp will be yoga, meditation, functional alignment, mountain biking, white water rafting, hiking, trail running, low ropes course, hand ball, ultimate Frisbee, strength training, and speed training.

Research has indicated that cross training can improve both short term and long term endurance capacity in sedentary and trained individuals (Tanaka et al, 1998).  The introduction of resistance training to an ongoing running or cycling program in this study seemed to alter contractile properties and myofibre size which in turn increased muscular force production and thus affecting endurance through a holistic approach.

Infusion Athletic Training is dedicated to training it’s athletes holistically by using a variety of modalities and by addressing the physical and mental aspects of an individual which will in turn produce the most change within a training cycle.


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